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No need to yell at the table, Real Money Online GamblingPlaying online craps for real money combines luck and a smart strategy. People are curious about craps because of its high speed and raucous, loud players. If you were in a casino setting this would be a game with a lot of action and usually a crowd of lively players yelling around a table. Though it might all seem a little complicated at the beginning, when you’re in the heart of the action you won’t even notice! Here we’ll take a look at the rules. To properly understand how to play real money online craps, you need to grasp all of the terms and expressions used in the game. Let’s go through some of the terms most frequently used when playing online craps for real money. It is just so easy at real online casinos.


Come Out Roll- The action begins here. This is the first roll in a new game, and is made by the shooter. This is the first toll after the point has been established. This is the all important roll that determines whether the shooter wins, loses or simply continues.

Marker- This is a puck shaped piece of plastic that keeps you clued in to what stage the game is in. Black signifies that the shooter has yet to make his point. A white marker will be placed on a number, signifying that that is the point…the shooter has already rolled.

But even before the first roll is made, the bet must be established.

Pass Line bet- This bet is made before the come out roll, and pays even money; that is 1 to 1. Should you get lucky and roll a 7 or 11, you win straight away. But if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 you lose. All other numbers (4,5,6,8,9,10) establish the point, and the game continues. From this point on, the player is aiming to roll that point number again BEFORE rolling a 7. Should the shooter roll a 7 before his point number comes up, he loses. If his point number comes up first, he wins!
There you have the basics! At the real online casinos you can have hours of fun playing craps. Playing real money online craps isn’t as confusing as it seems!

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