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The Differences Between the Slot Machines Of The World

Posted on April 03, 2012 by admin

Come and play Ceasars Empire  Slot at one of the Best Online CasinosThere are two main types of Slot Machines that are available for you to play, namely the video Slot Machines and the classic Slot Machines. There are many varying opinions on what makes the best Slot Machines, and in an effort to help you decide which ones you would prefer to play, we will give you a brief rundown on the various ones to help you decide which ones would not only suit your individual style of play, but which ones are most likely to provide you with the most entertainment, both of which can be found at any Online Casino Australia.

The Video Slot Machines

These are the slot games for the new generation, they feature exciting graphics and animations, impressive sound and are more often than not based around a central theme or character like a movie such as The Lord Of The Rings slot game, a comic book like the Hellboy game or a fictional character like Lara Croft in the Tombraider Slot Machines. These give something for the players to identify with instead of simply staring at a few Nines, Tens, Jacks or a bunch of fruit. The built in movies, bonus spin rounds and extra mini games make your visit to an Australian Online Casino to play the various games a much more exciting experience.

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The Classic Slot Machines

These slots can be found at an Australian Online Casino, land based casinos and even in the many pubs and clubs dotted about the country. They Follow the age old, tried and tested method of Slot Machines and contain nothing more interesting than a few card hands, various types of fruit, gold bars and the ever important lucky number seven. These are the Slots for the older generation, the people who fail to see the need for exciting graphics and unnecessary distractions, the people who want to concentrate solely on winning a few extra hundred dollars, or those who want to entertain themselves for a few moments after a hard days graft, as the various Slot Machines make for excellent stress relievers.


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