The Internet Smells Shade After Taylor Swift Seemingly Steals Katy Perry’s Thunder!

Are we reading too much into this??

Something tells us we can’t be the only ones who were sipping tea after Taylor Swift surprised fans by putting her ENTIRE catalog of music back on streaming services the SAME DAY Katy Perry dropped her highly-publicized Witness album.

Whether she meant to or not, Tay Tay totally stole Katy’s thunder!

Naturally, we took to the Interwebs to see what Twitter had to say about the ~crazy coincidence~!

See the best responses (below)!!

I aspire to be as petty as taylor swift releasing her discography for streaming the weekend katy perry’s album drops
— Dominic Riccitello (@DominicScott) June 9, 2017

katy perry: the countdown starts now make sure to stream my album on spotify toni…

Katy Perry: Here’s my new album, stream it on Spotif-

Taylor Swift: Here’s my ENTIRE album catalog on Spotify
— leo (@roIIingdice) June 9, 2017

"I really don’t like taylor swift"

Taylor Swift uploading her Albums to Spotify like
— dominos papi (@sadhoeflo) June 9, 2017

me at midnight when taylor swift releases her entire album catalog on spotify
— Ashley Brewer (@abrew92) June 9, 2017

So Taylor Swift is finally releasing all her music on Spotify tonight.. the night Katy Perry releases her new album.
— Guillermo Galvan (@willygalvan) June 9, 2017

Taylor Swift clicking "add all" to Spotify at midnight when Witness drops.
— Alex? (@alexmalloyy) June 9, 2017

I would feel bad about what Taylor Swift did to Katy Perry but she released Rise the same day as Make Me
— trash (@cumtroversy) June 9, 2017

*Katy Perry drops a new album*

katy perry: my new album at midnight
taylor swift: all my entire discography on spotify at midnight
— ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤJ (@JeremiasM_) June 9, 2017

*Sips tea*

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