Want your voice to be heard? Take this very cute survey created by a class of second graders.

Kara Porter’s second grade class at North Vermillion Elementary School in Cayuga, Indiana, is learning all about graphs and they need your help.

Each student contributed one question to this survey that you can take right now. The adorable questions range in topic from your profession to your favorite foods, but because the quiz writers are so young, they are quite unique.

After the survey closes on Friday, Mrs. Porter will compile the data into one big graph and share the results on the school’s Facebook page. But, she says putting together the graph will now take longer than expected due to the unforeseen volume of participants.

And please do because these students need answers to some very serious, pressing questions:

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These are tough:


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There are only two types of people in the world: people who prefer pizza and ones that prefer soup. Answer wisely.

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Are these second graders looking to start some trouble?

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The survey was originally posted the school’s Facebook on Tuesday, but since then, it’s gone completely viral, reaching people in Finland, South Africa and all over the world. It is so popular that when we tried to take the survey, the site crashed:

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People are loving how wholesome and pure this project is and were as excited to take the survey as the kids are probably to see the results.

I took Mrs. Porter’s 2nd Grade Class Survey, I can now sleep in peace tonight. https://t.co/8eDnZzJF0G pic.twitter.com/Wwbn4AzAiX

— Angel (@varlotbrooklyn) March 15, 2017

Mrs. Porter said that her class is so excited about how many responses their homemade survey is getting. They even watched how many people were taking it in real time up on the Smart Board. She said that her class has been joking that they "break the internet" every time they numbers hit a record high.

So once this survey is back up and running, let them know: Zebras or Giraffes? It’s urgent.

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